introducing itself on the market with the production of maliwatt and to expand in next years towards other new technologies: spunbond – needlepunched – and knitted fabrics adjusted the own structures to increasing necessities of the italian and mondial market to get in touch with a grade of specialization to can place on the more important groups of the sector.


Innovation, Research and Service constitute the mission of
Tessil Giada!



Our fabric stichbonded are used for a lot of sectors: for the shoes production, in the advertisings sector (shopper bags, pubblicities banners and gadgets).


Our articles Malivlies are mostly used in sectors Automotive: (boot-space, under-bonnet, internal seats and internal lodge) and Footwear: are combined and converted through finishing-works and devoted to the insole and as lining of the shoe. Fine features make a great shoe!



Our fabrics Spunbond are used for the advertisings, hospitals and shoes sectors.

Knitted Fabric

Our knitted fabric “Threespace” is leader on the market for the following sectors: Matresses, Infortunistic and Sports shoes, Nautical and Sports clothing.