Innovation, Research and Service constitute the mission of Tessil Giada.


In 1976, TESSILGIADA S.R.L. was born in the non wovens world introducing itself on the market with the production of maliwatt and to expand in next years towards other new technologies: spunbond – needlepunched – and knitted fabrics adjusted the own structures to increasing necessities of the italian and mondial market to get in touch with a grade of specialization to can place on the more important groups of the sector.

The sector in the world of the non wovens are various but our company policy has been, to select some market’s target on which to direct, and to place our products beeing able to garantee for these sames, our marked power-capacity based on the garantee.


Company with system certifyd quality

Business professionality

Assistance post sales


Proin a market where the exigences are always more imminent, the service is our key of our success

Rapid and punctual deliveries

Competitive and stable prices