Our Products

are analysed from the best instituts

assure compatibility with the health and the environment

are born from the more advanced searches of the sector

Main segments of market






We can carry out on all our products various finishing-works as combining, self-adhesiving and coating. We dispose of various articles fire-retardent. We can create personalized articles made as sample or following specific request of the customers.


Our fabric stichbonded are used for a lot of sectors: for the shoes production, in the advertisings sector (shopper bags, pubblicities banners and gadgets).


Our articles Malivlies are mostly used in sectors Automotive: (boot-space, under-bonnet, internal seats and internal lodge) and Footwear: are combined and converted through finishing-works and devoted to the insole and as lining of the shoe. Fine features make a great shoe!



Our fabrics Spunbond are used for the advertisings, hospitals and shoes sectors.

Knitted Fabric

Our knitted fabric “Threespace” is leader on the market for the following sectors: Matresses, Infortunistic and Sports shoes, Nautical and Sports clothing.